Fuori Concorso 2022

Fuori Concorso is quite new to the calendar but has already made a strong impact on the classic cars scene. This was only the third edition of the event, but it can already by acclaimed for it’s maturity. It’s not only about the cars. Guglielmo Miani, the president of the Milanese luxury fashion brand Larusmiani … Czytaj dalej Fuori Concorso 2022

Retromobile 2022

Each of us has a particular set of preferences. The flavours of meals, favourite music bands or car brands. But too much of one thing is never good. I value variety very high. That’s why I have a huge respect for one of the most diversified car trade-shows in the calendar – the Paris Retromobile. … Czytaj dalej Retromobile 2022

ICE St. Moritz 2022

Unique cars, passionate people and picturesque landscapes – there are dozens of car events, that cover all those factors but only a few ads to it something more. I’ve always been very passionate about the Concorso d’Eleganza Villa d’Este. That’s probably my favorite event in the calendar but there is one factor missing there – … Czytaj dalej ICE St. Moritz 2022